Project: HatStandy – Apply The Breaks

Special project for our friend HatStandy, mix album promo video “Apply The Breaks”


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00:00 – Pink Things
03:01 – My Heart Is Crying ft SamandSound
07:27 – Snakes & Ladders
11:15 – You Are What You Become ft SamandSound & Audiomucker
15:56 – Love Turns To Hate (Original Mix)
19:50 – Simple Perfection ft SamandSound
26:35 – (I Am The) Lighthouse
31:02 – Work Is Done (Original Mix)
36:45 – Grain Of Sand (Original Mix)
41:26 – What You Wanted
47:50 – Ghost Train
53:15 – Keep On (Original Mix)
59:02 – Step Up

All male singing/vox by HatStandy

Copyright 2020 – All tracks produced and owned by HatStandy/Ghost Fat Productions

Eight years on from the album “Play Me”… This, the second HatStandy album, is a continuous mix featuring some of the tracks to come out on Ghost Fat Productions since 2017.

Combining my favourite genres… Trance, Progressive, Electronica/Downtempo, Hip Hop and Breaks, This was intended to challenge the current dance music climate by blurring the dividing lines between styles, whilst (hopefully) still honouring and staying true to these genres that have inspired me over the years.

HatStandy 2020

Special thanks to Alex Morris (AlexMo), Jon Doe, Jon Tucker of 1st Line Supporkt, Daryl Gill for all the incredible designs/artwork, all the Safehouse Radio crew (especially Cher, Cliffie and Guy), all the Mixset crew (especially Mr Krotos, Erebuss and Bass Queen) and everyone who keeps tuning in for my shows week after week, helping to keep the spirit of dance music alive.

Video & Visuals by MrKrotos

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